Advanced Training

Take your Microblading and Permanent Makeup skills to the next level with our Advanced Training! Our curriculum consists of the following classes: Advanced Brow Hair StrokesAdvanced Fashion Powder BrowsAdvanced Hybrid PigmentationAdvanced Eyeliner and Advanced Lips.


Hands on practice

Small class sizes

Experienced trainers

Live models

Microblading Starter Kit

Convenient location

Course Objectives

 learn to perfect your hair stroke technique, shade with specific needle configurations, and color mixing, using the newest needle configurations and 3D hair stroke techniques.

Fashion Powder Brows is an ultra-modern advanced technique of shaded eyebrows. Learn how to perfectly shape lines in 1 or 2 shades that fade beautifully into each other for a soft, natural shaded brow.

Advanced Hybrid Pigmentation is a new, cutting edge technique that combines the advantages of microblading with the benefits of micropigmentation. Learn how to create a soft look with a natural appearance.

enhance your eyeliner techniques by mastering color (layering and shading), learn how to reduce touch ups, and facial analysis, using recommended needle configurationsfor eyeliner procedures.

learn advanced techniques on how to line, shade, and blend to create the perfect lip for your client: best needle configurations, color combinations and color mixing.