Microblading Training

Microblading is the newest and most exclusive brow sculpting technology available on the market. There are currently few known leading providers of Microblading. As a beauty professional, you can-offer your clients a semi-permanent option to brow maintenance, with minimal upkeep and grooming required. Our Microblading Training is a 3-day class where you will learn the fundamental techniques to produce a beautiful natural looking brow. You will also learn how to identify skin types, so you can determine the best candidates for Microblading as well as those who are not candidates. We will also discuss the various needle groups and how to select the best one for any skin type.


Hands on practice

Small class sizes

Experienced trainers

Live models

Microblading Starter Kit

Convenient location

Course Objectives

  • Microblading Fundamentals
  • Brow mapping and design for each facial shape
  • Color theory and color selection
  • Color correction
  • Sanitation
  • The Fitzpatrick skin scale and skin types
  • Identify skin problems that prevent good results from Microblading
  • After-care methods